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Robert E. Lee Commemorative License Plates
(Lee plate final design - some changes may occur at production)

Commemorative license plates are now at the DMV


     Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles in Richmond to obtain the General Robert E. Lee license plate shown above. These plates are a great way to show your pride in being a Virginian by celebrating the contributions of one of the greatest Virginians to ever live. Please promote this plate with the public so that thousands of them will be seen across the Commonwealth. For those who live outside of Virginia, they may purchase a sample plate for a souvenir through the DMV.

For those who have not purchased their plates, please visit the DMV Web site for more information.

The lady who heads the Special License Plates office:

Carolyn W. Easley
Agency Management Analyst
Special License Plates
Vehicle Services Administration

P. O. Box 26668
Room 316
Richmond, VA 23261-6668

(804) 367-0368
FAX: (804) 367-1096

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