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Restoring Oakwood Cemetery

    We must never forget the sacrifices made by the women of the Old Dominion, who unselfishly supported their men in uniform, and undertook the duties normally performed by men, and suffered along with their children the horrors of war.



    In 2006 the Virginia General Assembly passed a bill awarding financial support to the Oakwood Restoration Committee, which operates under the authority of the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans a 501(c)3 organization, and several years later, a historical agreement was struck between the Oakwood Restoration Committee and the City of Richmond. The City of Richmond awarded a contractual agreement to the Oakwood Restoration Committee with agreed upon capital repairs to be performed either jointly or independently by the Oakwood Restoration Committee.

     Today, the City of Richmond, is very pleased with the progress of the Oakwood Restoration Committee, almost EVERY cited capital repair has been made! AND one prominent concern of the Oakwood Restoration Committee has been addressed but is pending a legal response from the Veterans Administration, UPRIGHT HEADSTONES, for each of our resting heroes.

     The Oakwood Restoration Committee applied for the upright headstones from the Veterans Administration, the request was approved, the committee was directed to work with a Veterans Administration employee in Nashville, and then the hatchet came down from higher powers in the Veterans Administration and all of a sudden the upright headstones were denied! The Oakwood Restoration Committee hired prominent and skilled attorney, Mr. Pat McSweeney, and we sought out and gained the support of Sen. Jim Webb. After much communication, the Oakwood Restoration Committee requested a legal hearing. Today, we await the legal opinion from the Judge. We have been told that the “legal opinions” are running several years behind. NOW! Please understand! The LAW is on our side. Our attorney, Mr. McSweeney, advises us to hold tight! Are we frustrated? Of course, BUT we are abiding by the advice for which we have paid.

Donation Information

    16,128 Confederate Soldiers deserve to be honored. Will you be one of those to take part in this effort? Help Preserve Our Soldiers' Final Resting Place

    Donations are now being accepted to assist with the restoration project and general improvements at this historical site.

                                         Make check payable to:
                                                             Oakwood Restoration
                                                             2506 Jewett Dr.

                                                            Richmond, Va. 23228

                                                            E-Mail Chairman
                                                           (804) 478-5833

Your donation may be tax deductible.

Please contact your tax advisor or consultant.


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