The Virginia Division is defending your American History and Heritage throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Fighting the narrow minded that are attacking our heritage. This is a costly endeavor. We need your financial support in countering their hate groups.

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    We are at the beginning of the most difficult struggle we have ever faced since 1861.  This is not just my opinion.

Every day there is another article in the press about the latest part of our Heritage that they now desire to take from us. 


    In such difficult times we look first to our faith in God and then to the example set by our ancestors for the answers as to what to do.  No matter what lies "those people" tell our ancestors were forced to seek independence solely because of Northern aggression.   They suffered set backs during the 4 years of war and 12 years of oppression during cruel Reconstruction after the War.  Despite the adversities they never gave up.  Even when General Lee was ultimately forced to surrender at Appomattox he delayed the decision based on advice from General Longstreet.  His advice was  "Not Yet, Not Yet."   


Like our ancestors, we may someday lose our struggle also, however,

" Not Yet, Not Yet."


Then what can we do? 


    We can do what we should have been doing already.   For several decades, perhaps as far back as the Centennial, we have become complacent.  We have not had the turn out at events honoring our ancestors that we should have.  Now we need to follow the current  example of others who's  rights are  threatened by proposed new laws.  We do not need to rally at the court house.  We do need to rally at our own heritage events.  Hopefully you will read this message in time to attend Lee-Jackson Day Memorial Services at Lexington, and or Richmond.  If you can not travel, support the ceremonies held by your camp or within your brigade.  Continue to support these events throughout the coming year.  We must show everyone, friends and enemies alike how important our Southern Heritage is to us.  


    Please make the effort to contact your representatives (State level) both House & Senate.  Contact both Republicans and Democrats.  There will be a great amount voting effecting Heritage issues in the next few weeks.   We must let our representatives know that we love and cherish our Virginia history and heritage.   We must not let the things near and dear to us disappear.


    An old saying is that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.   We must stop doing nothing!  It is time to make a stand. 


                                                               We will hold the line.  


Frank Earnest

Heritage Defense Coordinator

Virginia Division  Sons of Confederate Veterans


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Virginia Division is a 501(c)(3)

Your donation may be tax deductible.

Please contact your tax advisor or consultant.