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HERITAGE                              DEFENSE

DEFENDING CONFEDERATE                                      HISTORY AND HERITAGE

The Virginia Division is defending your America History and Heritage throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Fighting the narrow minded that are attacking our heritage. This is a costly endeavor. We need your financial support in countering their hate groups.

Please sent donations to:
Heritage Fund
2506 Jewett Dr.

Richmond, VA. 23228

Virginia Division is a 501(c)(3)

Your donation may be tax deductible.

Please contact your tax advisor or consultant.


Virginia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans

Chief Heritage Coordinator


Sons of Confederate Veterans

Chief Heritage Defense

Eugene G. Hogan, II 

1962 Trimbleston Place 

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 


Southern Legal Resource Center

                    Kirk Lyons

                    P.O. Box 1235

                    Black Mountain, NC 28711



The Southern Legal Resource Center staff and volunteers is made up of a diverse group of Southern Americans that have dedicated themselves to the preservation of freedom for ALL regardless of background, religion, race, or geography, and there is no more persecuted or marginalized group than Southern Americans. Around here our motto is: "It's a freedom thing!"

 Message is Heritage

The Virginia Division and the International Sons of Confederate Veterans is a non-partisan organization. We do not endorse politicians or political parties. Instead, we carry the message of Confederate Heritage to the People of the Old Dominion, the South and the Nation. In doing so, we must necessarily express our opinions in public. This means writing well-stated letters concerning the issue of Confederate Heritage to media, elected representatives and business and community leaders. Our statements should focus on issues and not personalities. Remember, polls show that the people are with us on Confederate heritage. We can be effective so long as we stick to the issues.

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