The Virginia Division is defending your American History and Heritage throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Fighting the narrow minded that are attacking our heritage. This is a costly endeavor. We need your financial support in countering their hate groups.

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    Now more than ever even the results of local elections are extremely important. The fate of Virginia's Confederate War Monuments and all War Monuments in Virginia now rest in the hands of the cities, towns, and counties where they are located. 


    While sitting through city council meetings around the State I have made some important observations. The main thing I have learned is that the 5 or 6 people who make up the council have already decided the issue in advance.  Even when scores of citizens attend and voice their objections these 5 or 6 councilmen only listen to the small minority who agree with them.


    It is difficult to understand local elections. They are not always held in November like State & Federal elections. Candidates don't identify as either Democrat or Republican. There is not much press coverage about their stance on issues.  It is up to you to educate and inform yourselves. We must be very conscientious when we select  this small group of people who will decide whether our Confederate Monuments stay or go. 


    The Division cannot keep up with all the local elections. That job is up to all our Virginia Compatriots.  If you learn something about the views of a candidate positive or negative, pass it on.  If you use your personal sites feel free to speak the whole truth.  If you communicate as an SCV member, such as a Camp newsletter, remember we can not directly sponsor a candidate.  Just give the facts and let your compatriots come to their own conclusions.


    Many of us are still puzzled over the results and the damage caused by the November 2019 VA elections. The most accepted theory is that outsiders (carpet baggers) now living in  Virginia decided the elections. This is just not true. The reason was that only 43% of registered voters participated in the election. In other words, 57% just couldn't find the time to help defend both Virginia's Heritage and future.


    We cannot allow this to ever happen again. There are elections coming up in November and primaries between now and then. In November 2021 we can cast our votes and make Virginia the Old Dominion again. 

Frank Earnest

Heritage Defense Coordinator

Virginia Division  Sons of Confederate Veterans


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Virginia Division is a 501(c)(3)

Your donation may be tax deductible.

Please contact your tax advisor or consultant.