National Guardian Program - Rules and Guidelines

Sons of Confederate Veterans

1. PURPOSE: Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) has instituted this program to honor the memory of the Confederate Soldiers and to help ensure the preservation of their final resting places. All compatriots are encouraged to participate in this program to honor our ancestors and protect their final resting places.

   A) Any SCV member in good standing, who has demonstrated his willingness to serve in

this special capacity, and who is at least fourteen years of age and has tended a Confederatesoldier’s grave for two years prior, may become a FULL GUARDIAN.

   B) If a Guardian Program is active in the applicant’s division, the applicant WILL apply and participate within that division. Once approved for full guardian that division will issue the applicant the appropriate pin, medal, and/or certificate as set by that division. The applicant may also submit to National Committee a copy of his Guardian Certificate or approved application from said division and a check to cover the price of a National Guardian Pin and Certificate if he so desires.

   C) If the applicant has applied to national for Guardian status he will be issued a pin and certificate by national after meeting the duties and responsibilities.

   A) He shall care for and protect the GRAVE (NOT a memorial stone) of a Confederate

Veteran, ensuring that the site is kept clean and well maintained year round. He shall perform these duties personally, unless physically prevented from doing so by reason of health problems.

   B) He shall be responsible that the grave has an appropriate marker designating it as the resting place of a Confederate Veteran, i.e.: a family stone with reference to Confederateservice, and/or a government issued veteran’s stone, and/or a Southern Cross of Honor. Heshall also be responsible for replacing or repairing any marker that is destroyed, damaged or badly worn.

   C) He shall personally visit the grave a minimum of three times a year, to include Confederate Memorial Day, or at least one month prior, when he shall place either a wreath or small Confederate Flag, or both, on the grave.

   D) He shall perform these duties for two (2) years before he can be approved as a fullguardian. He may apply the first time he cleans the grave site and be known as a “GUARDIAN PRO TEM” during the two year period. At the end of the Pro Tem period he will be issued hispin and certificate as a FULL GUARDIAN.

   E) If an applicant has been performing these duties for two or more years then he may apply for full guardian status.

   A) Individuals who wish to become a GUARDIAN must complete the Guardian

Application form, have it signed by his camp commander and then submit it to the Chairman of the Guardian Review Committee of the division of which he is a member. If his division has no Guardian Program OR the applicant is a member of a camp not within a division, the applicant will submit his application to the national committee. He will submit it to the committee member of the army department that his camp comes under. That committee member will then approve or disapprove the application. If the application is approved, then that committee member will have two other committee members vote on the application (three members will vote on each application).

   B) The application must be accompanied with a map showing the location of the grave site, along with written driving instructions to the cemetery with the latitude and longitude, photographs of the grave site before and after cleaning and any other work that is done, and photographs of the marker showing proof of Confederate service. The gravemay or may not be that of the applicant’s Confederate Ancestor.

  C) If the applicant is applying to the national committee, he must also remit an application fee of $15.00 at the time of the application. This will cover the cost of the GUARDIAN pin and certificate, which will be awarded upon successful completion of the period of candidacy. This fee is non refundable, regardless if the candidate successfully completes his candidacy period or not. There will be a fee of $7.50 for each additional application thereafter for multi-guardian status. IF APPLYING TO A DIVISION GUARDIAN program, remit to them their application fee and once approved you may remit to national for a national pin and certificate ONLY. DO NOT RE-APPLY TO NATIONAL FOR APPROVAL.

   D) If applying to the national program, the applicant will also complete a SCV grave registration form on the grave site. This form will be given to the SCV grave registration committee for the SCV database of Confederate grave sites.

    A) The Guardian Review Committee will review and approve all national applications

(APPLICANTS IN A CAMP THAT IS NOT WITHIN A DIVISION OR A DIVISION NOT HAVING A GUARDIAN PROGRAM). The committee will consist of a chairman and one member from each of the SCV Armies, all with Guardian status. The Commander-in-Chief shall also serve as an ex officio member.

    B) If approved, the applicant will be given the title “Guardian Pro Tem” (meaning: “for the time being”), and he shall have the status of “candidate”. He will carry this title and statusfor two years, less any time already completed in the care of a grave if during such time he carried out the minimum duties specified of a GUARDIAN. (e.g. An applicant who has already cared for a grave for one year in accordance with criteria would only have one more year of service required as a “GUARDIAN PRO TEM” candidate before becoming a full GUARDIAN.)

    C) At the end of the Pro Tem period the applicant will submit an updated letter with dates of visits to the grave site, also listing the work done, with final photos.

    A) Individuals who successfully complete their “Guardian Pro Tem” candidacy period,

meeting the criteria established for this program, and are approved by the Guardian ReviewCommittee will be formally awarded the status of “GUARDIAN”.

    B) GUARDIANS will be presented with a special certificate and lapel pin, which cost will be covered within his application fee.

    C) GUARDIANS shall be authorized to wear a special lapel pin as designated by the Guardian Committee.

    A) Multiple Grave Sites: GUARDIANS may care for more than one Confederate

Veteran’s grave and will be so recognized by the Guardian Review Committee. Specialcertificates may be authorized to signify the care of multiple veterans’ graves. Normally nomore than 25 grave sites will be awarded per compatriot. More than 25 may be authorized on a case by case basis with approval of the Guardian Committee.

    B) Retirement of GUARDIAN Position: A Guardian must notify the Guardian Review Committee when he is no longer able to carry out his duties for reasons of health or relocation. Under such circumstances, his Guardian position will be honorably retired, unless passed onunder the provisions of section “C” below.

   C) Bequeathing of GUARDIAN Position: In lieu of retiring his Guardian position, a Guardian may bequeath his position and pass on his responsibilities to another SCV Member in good standing. All such transfers must be reviewed and approved by the Guardian Review Committee.

   D) Revocation of GUARDIAN Status: The Guardian Review Committee may revoke aGUARDIAN’S status if he fails to carry out his duties and responsibilities or he becomes delinquent in his SCV dues. The Guardian review Committee has the power to inspect, with or without notice, any GUARDIAN’S Confederate Veteran’s Grave site to confirm compliancewith all rules.

   E) Wilderness Grave Site: Is defined as a completely neglected and abandoned grave site in a wooded area. Application must be accompanied by before and after pictures of the grave site along with all other requirements set forth in these rules.

   A) SCV Divisions with a Guardian Program are requested to turn into the national

committee a list of its Guardians (new guardians bi-annually). The basic information needed for the national database:

          -Guardian’s Name with SCV ID number-and Camp name and number

          -Soldier’s Name, dates, unit, rank
          -Grave location with latitude & longitude
          -Date approved for Full Guardian Status.


B) Confederate Soldier’s grave information will be given to the Graves RegistrationProgram.

(SCV GD 3-19-2011)