Confederate House Chamber Richmond, Virginia

* Standing Committee are defined by

Virginia Division SCV Constitution


Jefferson Davis Memorial Committee *

Purpose:  To beautify and maintain the grave of Jefferson F. Davis and conduct a yearly memorial service in his honor.


Chairman: Andrew Morehead

Committee Members: David Smith, Fred Chiesa, Stanley Foster, Gray Cowardin, Ben Smith, and  All Division Brigade Commanders



Oakwood Cemetery Restoration Committee *

Purpose:  Improve the Confederate Section of  Oakwood Cemetery  focusing on the installation of grave markers.

Rick Moomaw

Vice Chairman: Tony Giffin


Committee Members: Edwin Ray, Lee Hart, Frank Earnest, Darryl Starnes, Fred Chiesa, Patrick McSweeney

Nominating Committee *


Purpose:  To select nominees for elected positions within the Virginia Division


Chairman: Immediate Past Commander / Tony Giffin


Committee members: All Brigade Commanders


Finance Committee *

Purpose: to periodically audit the finances of the Division and to make financial recommendations to the Commander.

Chairman: Frank Earnest


Committee Members: Bill Graham



Resolutions Committee *

Purpose: To review all submitted constitutional amendments and resolutions and to make recommendations concerning such.

Chairman:  Parliamentarian

Committee Members: All Brigade Commanders


Legislative Action Committee *

Purpose: Take initiatives regarding legislation on Confederate Heritage Issues within 501(c)3 regulations.

Chairman: Frank Earnest


Committee Members:


Relief and Welfare Committee *

Purpose: To investigate reports of member hardships and make recommendations concerning such to the Executive Council.

Chairman Division Chaplain: Pastor John Collins


Committee members: All Brigade Commanders


 Virginia Division National Graves Awards Committee

Purpose: To seek out nominations for a national award for those who have gone above and beyond in researching, identifying, marking, and recording the graves of Confederate Veterans. Due April 1, each year.

Chairman: Postor John Collins


Committee Members: All Brigade Commanders


Virginia Division Heritage Defense Coordination Committee 

Purpose: To receive and coordinate all complaints of Heritage Violations.

Chairman: Frank Earnest

Committee Members: Ken Parsons, All Camp Commanders and members


Old Dominion Voice Publication Committee 

Purpose: to compile, edit, and e-publish a periodical magazine for the Virginia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans.


Editor: Dustin C. Tanner


Reporters: Division Commander, Heritage Defense, Chaplain, and All Brigade Commanders


Graves and Monument Committee * 

Purpose: The purpose of the Graves and Monument Committee is to assist the Camps within the Virginia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans in providing advocacy, financial support, educational programs, and service projects for Confederate Graves and Monuments throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

  • The Graves and Monument Committee will be comprised of and chaired by members of the Sons of Confederate       Veterans, it will be the responsibility of the committee to oversee and document the maintenance and improvements of Confederate Graves and Monuments throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

  • The committee will work diligently to ensure that each Confederate Grave and Monument is properly marked, and maintained. 

  • The Committee is also authorized to marked any war heroes graves found in Confederate Cemetery located in the  Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • The Division Commander shall nominate members to the committee subject to approval by the Division Executive Council. 

  • The committee shall have authority to raise funds in the name of the Committee for the improvement, maintenance, and protection of Confederate graves and monuments in Virginia, and for the purpose of conducting appropriate memorial services. 

  • Advisory boards and subcommittees for the purpose of ensuring historical accuracy, maintenance, memorial services and fundraising may be appointed by the Division Commander to aid the work of the Graves and Monument Committee.

  • Appointees to these advisory boards must be Sons of Confederate Veteran Members in good standing.


Task: Compile an archive of all known Cemeteries in the State of Virginia

  • Research Cemeteries and compile a list of all known Confederates.

    • (This could be a great fundraising effort, as family members could look up their ancestor and provide support)

  • Start an archive of all Confederate Monuments in Virginia.

  • Research all Monument deeds, to find current ownership.

  • Create a sub-committee to train Camps in marker and Monument cleaning, repair and restoration.

  • A website would need to be created to archive monuments, Cemeteries, the Camps that adopt Monuments and Cemeteries, and a section to report vandalism, removals, or anything else the committee could address.

  • Create subcommittees in each Brigade, Or a Subcommittee for an individual Cemetery or Monument.

  • Designate at least 4 participants to maintain each Flagpole the Committee is responsible for.

Chairman: Paul Sacra

Committee Members: Eric Richardson, Rick Moomaw, Terry Schraner, Daniel Clinton, Peter Marsh, Lawrence Emory, and  Tommy Thomas

Volunteers are urgently needed from around the confederation in Commonwealth of Virginia to achieve our task and any and all help is greatly appreciated.


Purpose: The gold is to keep Southern History of the War Between the States alive in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • The fair is located at the Meadow Event Park 13191 Dawn Blvd. Doswell, Virginia.

  • Volunteers are urgently needed to help promote good southern values, along with working the booth.

Chairman: Edwin Ray

Vice Chairman Division Quartermaster: Benjamin Barrett 

Committee Members: Travis Toombs, Fred Chiesa


Confederate Signal Corps

Purpose: Transmit important Virginia Division information to the Membership through wireless electronic communications.


Chief Signal Corps Officer : Dylan Jones

Email: Signal Corps Officer